A hotel owner’s checklist: On hiring the right supply chain consultant for their hotel development

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Suppliers

Developing a hotel is a team sport. Hotel owners and developers must work with a variety of experts to help bring their vision to life. Efficient supply chain management is a key component of delivering on this vision. It involves overseeing and managing an entire supply chain, from the hotel’s design and concept stages to its product delivery and closeout.

We chat with Darryl Rego, Managing Director of HPG International Middle East & Africa (HPGI MEA) to gain his insight on a hotel owner’s most common concerns in developing a hotel. As a global hospitality procurement firm with over 2,500 global projects in their portfolio, Darryl lends his expertise across a variety of luxury hotel properties including the Queen Elizabeth II Heritage Hotel, The Peninsula Istanbul and others.


HPGI MEA: We advise and procure on the physical element that guests interact with the most. FF&E and OS&E items form a key component of a hotel’s branding and value. Often, they are the last to appear in the project lifecycle. This is where budget discrepancy occurs. By involving supply chain consultants like HPGI early in the design and development phase, owners can accurately plan project funding. We forecast all costs, leverage our relationships with pre-qualified suppliers and provide cost-conducive alternatives. We can achieve this while adhering to specified brand standards and still delivering on the owner’s vision.


HPGI MEA: As supply chain consultants, our process extends beyond immediate purchasing requirements. We aim to align with your long-term strategic vision. Accounting for the reselection/reordering process during the initial stages is one prime example of this. Doing this earlier in the project lifecycle significantly reduces any negative impact on the overall budget. Our goal is to enable our clients to make smarter decisions across their project lifecycle.


HPGI MEA: A successful guest experience is more layered than we realize. They will be experiencing your hotel in design as well as functionality. Therefore, it is critical to marry great design with efficient project execution. We bridge the gap between the designer’s vision with our expertise in value engineering, ensuring that your requirements are effectively (if not exceedingly) met.

The role of a supply chain consultant is becoming increasingly vital as hotel projects get more complex. Hotel owners must seek team players who share their goals, delivering on key milestones such as time, budget and quality.


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