The inspirations, materials, and styles are diverse, but there are five recently announced fabric collections that are poised to make a difference in global hotel design during the twilight of 2016.

1. The 2016/17 Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli: This collection draws its inspiration from the beauty and imperfections one finds in handmade materials. Spearheaded by Paola Navone, this collection features 13 different designs, all of which have been heavily influenced by artisanal craft and intricate embroidery. The signature tones in this collection evoke the Mediterranean, coming to live with vibrant shades that include petrol blue, grey blue, turquoise, and teal. Of course, one will also find the usual Kieffer tones of neutrals and soft pinks. Central to the collection however, is a unique blend of craftsmanship, textile history and modern design touches.



2. Bernhardt Design and Anabela Chan’s Textile Collection: This collection is a result of a collaboration between Bernhardt Design and Anabela Chan, who have partnered to create a new upholstery textile collection. This partnership was set into motion by Jerry Helling, the president of Bernhardt Design, and it is inspired by Chan’s jewelry shop. In the past 12 years, Helling has worked to put together a leading international design company with a creative roster that includes Ross Lovegrove, Arik Levy, and Jaime Hayon. As a prime inspiration for Chan’s jewelry, sculpture and artwork, she cites exotic travel and nature, including unusual butterflies, rare birds, and beetle specimens. Her work has seen her spending the past decade working with entomologists in Argentina, China, Brazil, and Thailand, among other locales.



3. Romo’s Kelso Collection: Led by Romo’s design director Emily Mould, Romo has released its new Kelso collection, which includes a range of prints, weaves, and embroideries. To be certain, this is a very British collection, one that will inspire thoughts of scenic country retreats and peaceful woodland walks. This is a classic collection that pays homage to time-tested designs and traditional handcrafted artistry, putting a modern spin on staid traditions. There are 10 classic yet contemporary designs in the Romo collection, all of which have a charming quality and an inviting textural appeal.



4. Carnegie’s Details Collection: Carnegie’s Details collection includes a new fabric range that’s made from plant-based Xorel, the first ever bio-based high performance interior fabric in the world. It also boasts a reduced carbon footprint. Xorel Details has true textural relief, which it achieves via the use of bulkier yarns and dense weave structures that bring the material to life. The global hotel industry has never before seen such a vibrant yet environmentally sound collection.



5. Whistler Leather’s Kuri Bay: The last entry on our list is Whistler Leather, which has released five new ranges of embossed leather along with 12 new ranges of pearlescent leathers, which it calls Kuri Bay. These embossed leathers are all stamped with engraved plates that make for unique designs, and they are suitable for residential, contract, or marine use, giving them a versatility that hotel designers crave.


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