4Spaces presents latest collaborations with international artists

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Suppliers

4Spaces is proud to present the latest collaborations with international artists including a large textile art installation from Justin Morin commissioned by Collective Design. Two exquisite and most creative collections were presented recently by 4Spaces. Both are carrying the typical characteristics of 4Spaces and will add another beautiful touch to their textile offerings.

Upholstery Collection ‘THE HAMPTONS’

“THE HAMPTONS” Collection is inspired by the beautiful area and villages of the Hamptons. Known as a summer destination for New York City residents that appreciate its lovely atmosphere, natural beauty, beaches and amazing fishing.
“THE HAMPTONS” Collection is perfectly represented trough two new fabrics: MONTAUK and NOYACK, that both express the mood of this trendy area with a “summery” raffia look yet luxurious. In order to emphasise this smart casual spirit, we added a few colours of BRAD and DENIM into the colour strip which works well with MONTAUK and NOYACK

Sheer / Drapery Collection ‘LOS TREVIRAS’

“LOS TREVIRAS” Collection is a tribute to Trevira CS and is composed of 4 new fabrics: MARBLE, WOOLISH, NAPOLI & CAPRI

The new textiles bear the trademark Trevira CS and are inherently flame retardant. Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later stage, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term security. (CS stands for Comfort and Safety)
The MARBLE fabric is a high-end jacquard based on marble in Trevira CS. Its texture is 3D and revoke the stunning power of nature. In fact, the marble, from which the fabric is inspired, is a metamorphic rock, that means its original structure is changed by pressure and heat. The look of our MARBLE fabric is really like an ancestral rock, composed of minerals, translated into textiles.

In fashion, these type of prints have made a huge come back with designers as Dries van Noten, although in print versions knows as a traditional Orbit Print. In endless hours we converted an initial print design into a jacquard woven pattern, – a true challenge in 295cms width. First trials were made in silk, but as we went more into the project, we realised that this could be a fabulous fabric for high end hospitality and started to work with the finest Trevira CS yarns. A special finish treatment ensures a silk like and smooth touch.


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