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40 Years of JANUS et Cie: Marking the Milestone

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Suppliers

JANUS et Cie is proud to be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. Founded by industry visionary Janice Feldman in 1978, the company has grown from a one-showroom destination for furniture to the leading source for contemporary lifestyle furnishings and accessories across the globe. In the spirit of the company’s namesake Janus, the Roman god with two heads, one looking forward and the other looking back, this milestone marks the perfect occasion to look back at what has been accomplished and forward to the exciting path ahead.

JANUS et Cie has had a remarkable journey, starting from a single showroom in Los Angeles’ Pacific Design Center to become an industry leader with more than 300 employees, 19 flagships and 18 sales offices around the world. What began as a representative firm for established manufacturers evolved into a luxury source with over 6,000 exclusive textiles, accessories and furnishings for the global interior, exterior, residential and commercial markets. To date, JANUS et Cie has earned over 100 international acclaims, including the renowned Red Dot award, Best of NeoCon and numerous Good Design awards.

Feldman’s personal evolution is particularly noteworthy. As JANUS et Cie moved away from representing other companies and into exclusive manufacturing, Feldman continued to grow the business with strategy and success, while continuing to hone her role as a designer. Recent best-selling collections have been born from her own ideas or through collaboration with top designers like Jorge Pensi, Michael Vanderbyl, Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, Piero Lissoni and Paola Navone.

“JANUS et Cie and I are one,” says founder and CEO Feldman. “I am so fortunate that the company provides a foundation and driving force for my passions — design, business, craft and beauty. It has been an eventful, exciting 40 years. The product alone, with innovations in materials and construction, is something I am deeply proud of—but the et Cie, meaning ‘and company,’ in JANUS et Cie has made it all the more special. My memories and lessons from craftspeople, designers and colleagues are invaluable. And I truly believe we are just getting started.”

Indeed, with the 2016 acquisition of JANUS et Cie by Haworth and Poltrona Frau Group, the road ahead is paved with more opportunity than ever. JANUS et Cie already has exciting introductions slated for Salone del Mobile in Milan, new talent lined up for collaboration and the open mind and heart that has allowed for such style and innovation to materialize for 40 years—and counting.


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For 40 years, JANUS et Cie has been an industry leader in design-driven furnishings for the outdoors.



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