2F Lighting manufactured for the newest luxury chalets in Austria

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Suppliers

Oberlech in Austria receives two more luxury Chalets. The properties are located next to the slopes of the Skiing area with gorgeous views across the Lech mountain scenery with the in-house ice rink.

2F Lighting had the pleasure to undertake the delivery and installation of the technical lighting as well as the production and assembly of the decorative lighting elements. The indirect lighting maximizes the cosy atmosphere across the 2,600m2. The 2F team generated solutions that reconciled technology and design. A special highlight is the suspensions light in the stairwell of the luxurious chalet. The luminaire is a 6m long rod construction that extends from the upper floor to the second basement floor. All in all, 2F-Lighting has manufactured 4 of these special stairwell luminaires. The task was to determine the precise dimensions during the bare shell construction where our technicians and our fitters had to deliberate exactly to be able to determine the accurate dimensions in advance.

The extreme time pressure, the many project participants and the on-going planning demanded the utmost dedication from our employees. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted lighting supplier who is flexible and who can advise you on different lighting strategies that will best work for your project: Austrian lighting company 2F Lighting has once again proved that it´s such a partner.

Hans Buchegger, director and lighting consultant, said: “The effort has paid off and I am very proud of my team and it was an honour to have made our contribution to a project with a volume of 45 million Euro”.

Project participants: Masetto Immobilien GmbH (customer); Lichtkompetenz GmbH and Zurich (lighting planner); AFS and Amir Creative (interior designer); TB Schaschl GmbH (architecture and handling); Fiegl & Spielberger GmbH (electrician)


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2F was founded 1972 from the company members of the Voglauer Möbelwerke, and since 2002 is it in possession from Maria and Hans Buchegger.


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