2F Lighting – a stellar choice for bespoke decorative lighting

by | May 24, 2017 | Suppliers

Choosing a lighting fixture for a hotel can often seem like a daunting task. With an overwhelming amount of lighting manufacturers, brands and products on the market, which one is the right fit for your hotel? And not only that, but the choice of pendants, reading lights or chandeliers can be a challenge to decide on, since the impact it will have on the overall ambience of the space is important to consider pressing ahead with the installation. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted lighting supplier who can advise you on different lighting strategies that will best work for your project: Austrian lighting company 2F Lighting is such a partner.

Specialising in 3D concept drawings, manufacturing and supplying light fittings in the hospitality industry, 2F Lighting is a family run business that has been bringing bespoke lighting installations to hotels since 1972. Thanks to over 70 strong committed employees, 2F Lighting supply light fittings to hotels and retail premises all over the world. Each project is treated as a unique and inimitable project, and as such the lighting strategy is specifically tailored to your particular hotel project. Working with 2F Lighting gives a hassle-free experience, as they have broken their lighting designs into different categories appropriate for all areas of your hotel, such as public, rooms, retail, wellness area, as well as outdoor spaces. These categories can be cross-referenced with the type of environment you wish to create in your hotel, whether it be a rustic charm, contemporary minimalism, timeless classic or high-class luxury.

The fittings are available in an array of materials, including glass, wood, metal, textiles and natural materials. The composition and detailing of each product is outlined in proprietary CAD drawings that can be used by architects and interior designers. They also have a range of backlit signage and accessories, as well as elaborate feature lighting installations that are perfect for a reception area, lobby or grand circulation routes. A number of lighting products for the rooms such as reading lights, bedside lamps and room number plates can be added to your specification list as you require them. 2F Lighting has a light for every space in every hotel, no matter the location or grade of the project.


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2F was founded 1972 from the company members of the Voglauer Möbelwerke, and since 2002 is it in possession from Maria and Hans Buchegger.

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