2018 bathroom trends – timelessly beautiful bathrooms from Villeroy & Boch

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Suppliers

Villeroy & Boch presents timelessly beautiful bathrooms this year that will stand the test of time and passing trends

A new year means new resolutions and new trends: and the bathroom is a particular focus for the latest international interior design trends. From a purely functional space, the bathroom has long been transformed into a personal haven of well-being, with design themes used to create different atmospheres. Villeroy & Bochpresents timelessly beautiful bathrooms that will stand the test of time and passing trends.

FINION villeroySparkling bathroom in an elegant metallic look

A shimmering haze of elegant metallic colours – a striking and classic look that is perfect for the bathroom. With the three metallic options of Chrome, Champagne and Gold for the bathtub, Villeroy & Boch’s premium Finion bathroom collection opens up extensive scope to create an individual and unique look in your home. The shimmering design ring on the side of the bathtub is available with an optional Emotion light function to set the perfect atmosphere to showcase the bath. The lighting arrangement on the bottom outside surface of the bath, which can be continuously dimmed via remote control and comes with a choice of light colours, makes it appear to float on a pedestal of light.

Smart solutions for enhanced comfort

Relax in comfort in the bath and listen to your favourite music, while your smart phone charges on the shelf. As well as top quality and stylish design, Villeroy & Boch also places great importance on state-of-the-art technology. The premium Finion bathroom collection introduces intelligent smart home features to provide greater comfort and freedom in the bathroom. Inductive charging stations in furniture make the days of tangled cables and short circuit risks in the bathroom a thing of the past. Integrated Bluetooth speakers in the mirrors and baths also create a relaxed atmosphere, which can be ideally complemented by appropriate lighting effects. All Finion furniture comes with a continuously dimmable Emotion light feature that can be conveniently operated using a remote control.

Filigree shapes for lightness and elegance in the bathroom

Designed by Christian Haas, Villeroy & Boch’s premium Antheus collection proves that naturalness and elegance are by no means a contradiction. With elegant materials, balanced proportions and geometric contours, the bathroom radiates amazing elegance. The striking TitanCeram ceramic allows the creation of precise edges and radii combined with extremely slim walls. The two Antheus baths also impress with their very filigree look and their strength, an effect achieved thanks to the patented Quaryl® material. The exceptional blend of marble panels, polished stainless steel and an exquisite real wood veneer creates an elegant, on-trend look with intricate shapes that infuse the bathroom with a feeling of lightness and class.

Demand for personalisation. Create your own look!

From minimalist to playful or classic – Villeroy & Boch’s bathroom collections allow you to design your own personal bathroom to reflect your style and mood. With its balanced combination of linear ceramic and striking furniture, the Legato collection opens up a wide range of design options, including vanity units that can be combined with many other washbasins from the current Villeroy & Boch range. The successful Subway 2.0 collection also features a comprehensive product portfolio that provides the ideal foundations for individual bathroom design. With an extremely wide selection of washbasins and furniture, there is nothing to stop you turning very own dream bathroom into reality.


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