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201 new hotels set to open worldwide in April 2019 [Infographic]

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Projects

North America will see 65 hotel openings in April 2019, such as Alt Hotel Saskatoon hotel in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A total of 37,565 new hotel rooms will open around the world in the month of April 2019, according to the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database

There are 201 hotel projects set to come to fruition in April 2019, according to TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION. Once launched, these hotels will yield a total of 37,565 rooms.

What is perhaps most interesting is looking at these numbers when broken down by region.

North America is in the lead for April 2019, with 65 projects, followed by Europe with 49, and Asia Pacific with 44. Next comes the Middle East with 23 projects, Latin America with twelve projects, and Africa with eight.

This marks the first month in some time that North America has been the busiest hotel project pipeline in the world since the Asia Pacific market has often led the way in the recent past.


The hotel project pipeline in the United States has made some major gains as of late, with April of 2019 representing a significant increase over the same time period in the previous year.

Reports also indicate that the biggest growth area for the U.S. project pipeline, which for obvious reasons is the backbone of the North American project pipeline, is being fuelled by growth in the upscale segment which yielded the highest volume of rooms in April.


The U.S. and the broader North American project pipeline is not the only surprise in the April report from TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION.

Europe is always a strong performing market. Its wide variety of world-class cities makes it one of the steadiest hospitality performers regardless of the time period. Being ahead of the Asia Pacific market, however, is a bit unusual.

What’s also of note is that Africa is behind Latin America in April. Africa is a dually complex continent which offers both challenges and vast opportunities for hospitality development.

Africa lagging behind Latin America, however, is likely more of a credit to the latter region’s increased push for tourism development than it is an indictment of Africa’s overall performance.


Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway in North America:


True North Square Winnipeg 


SLS Hotel & Residences Cancun 


Boston Landing Hotel



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